Pet Services

Our services are in your home and each visit is a minimum of 30 minutes long, the time may vary when there is more than one pet. We offer the following services for your pet(s), including dogs, cats, birds, fish and other small animals.

bullet Lots of personal attention and love
bullet Fresh food and water
bullet Regular exercise and play time - indoors and/or outdoors
bullet Walks and potty breaks
bullet Administration of medications as needed
bullet Litter changing and cage cleaning
bullet Plenty of love and affection
bullet Veterinary care obtained in case of illness
bullet Additional attention your pet may require

Home Services

In addition to caring for your pet, we provide a number of other home services to make your time away from home as worry-free as possible:

bullet Pet sitting and daily dog walks
bullet Newspaper and mail retrieval
bullet Plant watering
bullet Lights, blinds and curtain adjustment for crime deterrence
bullet Other requests considered


We provide transportation for your pet to and from the veterinarian or groomer.

Our Prices

bullet Dogs - Minnesota: $17 and up depending upon location per 30-minute visit
bullet Cats - Minnesota: $17 and up depending upon location per 30-minute visit
bullet Contact us for rates for clients in North Carolina
bullet $2 charge may apply for each additional animal (per animal over two)
bullet Call for rates on horses, exotic pets, birds, or other animals


bullet Cancellation Fee: Cancellation fees may apply.
bullet Dog Walking Cancellation: Call by 7a.m. that day to avoid being charged for that day.
bullet Return Home Early: You may be billed for the the time pet sitting was scheduled.
bullet Return Key Charge: Return key or Pick-up key rates may apply.
bullet Additional Expenses Related to Pet Care: Purchasing extra food will equal the cost of food plus mileage ($.40 cents a mile) and an additional visit charge
bullet Veterinarian Visit: See above for transportation costs
bullet Transportation: Transportation prices are $16 per 1/2 hour and $.40 per mile